Dutch Banks have green light to use Microsoft Cloud Services

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Webwereld (A Dutch IT website) published today that the Dutch Bank (the main Dutch Banking authority) is allowing Dutch banks to use Microsoft Cloud Services (Office 365 services). As banks are of course highly controlled, the Dutch banking authority wanted to make sure that when banks use a public cloud service, they still can examine the environment. They worked out a deal with Microsoft that part of the contact contains the "right to examine" for the bank authority. 

This is a major step for for Dutch banks and other financial institutions to adopt public cloud services. The Dutch Bank also requested the same regulation with Google, but they have not complied yet. 

In other countries we have seen banks adopting Google. For instance in January the Spanish bank BBVA announced it is adopting Google Apps for email and collaboration for its 110,000 employees.

Welcome to the New CloudCompare.com

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CloudCompare.com presents a newly re-styled website. Besides offering you to compare prices between various IaaS providers, we have now also added a Service Catalog where you can look for various type of Public Cloud Service offerings.

We hope you enjoy the new version and feel free to send us any comments!